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Risus Hotel was opened in 2006, radical renovation was done in 2011. A after-work guests, completely renovated facility serves.

especially designed for families with children.
Distance to Beach is 1 km and to Manavgat is 6 km. Also 65 km away from Antalya airport.


Side town of Manavgat, Turkey's southern tourist city of Antalya province, Mediterranean resort on the banks of the ancient texture. "Side " in the language of ancient Anatolia "means Pomegranate. "Pomegranate, " which means "Side ", is the language of the people of Anatolia's oldest Luvice'den income. Pomegranate, the symbol of the goddess of Anatolia, the home. BC Side, which is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia 7. century ago said that it was established.

Today, acts as a bridge between Western and Eastern cultures in Anatolia, is one of the starting points of human civilization. The ancient city of Side, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. Side by ancient geographers Strabo, Kyme colonies is one of the cities of Western Anatolia. Side A.D. 2. century, a unique language and writing had been used up. The inscription in the language of the ancient city of Side, the excavations uncovered three pieces are exhibited today Side Museum.

Side BC 6. In the first half century, the Lydians, BC 547-546 entered the dominion of the Persians. Developing the management of the city of Persia, BC 334 Alexander the Great has been delivered. After the death of Alexander the Great, the Hellenistic kingdoms that dominated the city, BC 2. century, thanks to a powerful fleets of the most brilliant period of the war and lived in commerce, urban development can be turned into a science and cultural center. BC After the dominance of the Roman Empire from 78 entered in Side, MS 2. and 3 centuries was the center of the region's trade, especially in the welfare provided by the Romans lived in the slave trade. In this circuit, including the first Athena, Aphrodite and Apollo, Ares, Diyonisos, worshiping God, such as Hermes Side, MS 4. century onwards began to be Christian.

From the 5th century BC, the original Side constantly pressing his money, the original Side until the 2nd century BC and the language of the article managed to preserve this rich city, the mountains from the invading weakened by the 4th century AD. In 395 AD the Roman Empire into two remaining within the boundaries of the East Side to the departure of the Roman Empire, revived in the 5th century AD, and Pamphylia Metropolis (Episcopal Center) has become. This development between the 7th and 9th centuries, the Arab invasions ended. Rhodes, Venice, Genoa hackers and the kings of Cyprus by the time of the Crusades and plunder, fire and natural disasters have led to the abandonment of all of its 12 th century, indigenous people have migrated from Antalya.

Side during the excavations, a large fire and found numerous traces of the earthquake. 12. century Arab geographer Idrisi, Side show as a dead city, and "Burn in Antalya, " defined as. 12. century was dominated region from the Seljuks, the Seljuk Empire, along with the weakening of, 14 Hamitoğulları century, Tekelioğulları, Karaman, Ilkhanate, Cyprus and Egypt changed hands between the scorers and the times, the settlement has not been in Side. Side and the surrounding area since 1462 with the Ottoman Empire has lifted completely eliminate Karamanogullari Principality came under Ottoman rule. When under the reign of the previous Turkish governments, nor the Ottoman period of Side, on the Peninsula are not the works of Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

12. century, the Mediterranean city of rich history from the eighth century during the settlements has not been in Side. In the 1890s, Sultan Mehmet II. Into the ancient city of Side, on the orders of Abdul Hamid, the Sultan's eldest son Mehmet Selim on behalf of the master, "Selimiye" under the name of a village, founded in 1897, the Greek uprising spread to Muslim immigrants who escaped from Crete are located here. 1947 years of history shows after installation of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Ordinaryüs. Arif Mufit Mansel on behalf of Istanbul University's first archaeological excavations started in Side. Side met with great enthusiasm and tried to the excavations until 1966.

As a typical Mediterranean climate with sunny summers and swim in the water temperature is 27C degrees from April to November.

Side Museum can be seen among the places visited, the ancient theater, the Temple of Apollo, Temple of Athena, Side Bazaar, Navigation Road Side Beach, Manavgat and Alanya campuses, Antalya Province, Bridge Canyon, Waterfall, Oymapinar Dam, Titreyengöl, Aspendos, Alarahan, Selge and Seleucia first places come to mind.

Each season, fresh and taste the different fruits and foods, plenty of amazing moments as a souvenir picture will leave you with puller.


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